Type Vet Diary

  • Yard managers and vets send Dictaphone recordings of vet diary via email, daily. On a typical day midweek, there will be two tapes from the vets from morning stables, followed by total of seven tapes from Yard Managers and two tapes from vets from evening stables. On a Monday afternoon, Sunday’s tapes are to be typed also.
  • Use section on HOMS > Vet/Farrier Diary Data Entry. Open audio file of tape in email. Use foot pedal at Cathy’s desk to control speed of speech.
  • Select horse’s name from drop-down list after starting to type name. Add name of who reported by same method.
  • Type in comments, in capital letters. Select the relevant box if recording farrier work, worming, coughers, clipping, cracked heels, weights, waste feed.
  • Waste feed – reverts automatically to 18kg per horse per day. Manually add if feed is removed, or any not given, and amount eaten will be calculated.
  • Swimming, water walker and treadmill exercise to be added, with reference to the filled-in books. These will usually be returned to Cathy’s desk at lunchtime.
  • Click SAVE at top of page to save the comment.
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