Make Entries & Declarations

Making Entries

  • The entry diary is run for the week on a Tuesday morning (entries for Monday) and typically entries close 6 days prior to a race, except on Mondays where Saturday entries are made 5 days prior.
  • Mark up Entry Diary – to include number of entries per horse, ground at tracks, highlighting of any horses over or out of the handicap, GBB bonuses if applicable, and writing in any yard managers suggestions or owner requests. Check if any Early Closing entries.
  • MJ/CJ to make entries
  • Check with vet (whether they are fit to be entered) first and then Yard Managers (Gallops/Stalls/Weight should be highlighted) that all entries are ok to be made and check any queries with MJ/CJ.
  • Make entries via Racing Admin. Note that to make an entry, look at the five-digit race-code rather than the time.
  • Another Racing Admin colleague to check entries
  • Contact Owners of entries made via phone and e-mail
  • Type up entry sheet
  • E-mail the entry sheet to all yard managers, vets, MJ/DJ/CJ/JB and the racing admin department
  • Highlight the engagements with the entries made for that day, paper version and digital version on website.

Making Declarations

  • Mark up paper (remember to include: going changes, race values for any not in paper, handicap changes, any GBB bonus horses). A full guide on the marking up of the Racing Post is available on the R-Drive in the Checklists folder.
  • Print off Entry Sheet for declarations meeting and annotate in meeting. Take in: Engagements List (containing handicap changes), Entry Diary, Riding Out Lists, extra Handicap Changes sheet on Tuesdays.
  • Update Entry Sheet with decisions and before/after 9.30am. Highlight declarations to be made in yellow. Add any comments: ‘TRACKING’, ‘10 OR UNDER’ ‘OWNER’ ‘HEADGEAR’ etc in red.
  • Print Entry Sheets and distribute to all racing secretaries.
  • Make initial declarations immediately.
  • Call vet and yard managers to check horse welfare.
  • Contact Owners of all horses (runners and non-runners) and check they are happy with decisions.
  • After checking with CJ, add/remove any horses following YM/Vet/Owner feedback.
  • Update trainers regularly in run up to 9.30am and 10am for all tracked races. Have two or more secretaries confirm all declared horses.
  • Type up runners sheet, and email to ‘MJR Runners Sheet’ group. Make sure headgear/cap colours are written on the entry sheet.
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