Register Name

  • Check passport of horse to see if had an ID check – refer to vet if not signed.
  • Check with Elaine, if soon after sales, that horse in question has been paid for in full by its owner.
  • On BHA Admin site, go to Trainer menu > Name Availability search, to check the eligibility of the name. If unavailable, refer back to owner.
  • If available, if animal is GB/Irish-bred, go to Trainer menu > Register Horse Name. Enter passport number of horse.
  • On next screen, enter desired name and tick relevant box if we have had permission to use the name. Add pronunciation if unsure. Select registered owner to ensure naming fees are billed to correct account. Check and submit registration on next screen. There is no need to send passport and a sticker will be sent via post.
  • If animal is non-GB/Irish-bred, go to Trainer menu > Reserve name, and follow similar steps to reserve name for 90 days while registration is completed.
  • Print a markings form from BHA Admin site, which can be found under Help & Support menu > Forms & Guides > Names & Passports.
  • Request to vet for animal to have markings form completed and typed by an external vet/ This should then be posted to Weatherbys alongside the passport of the horse (ensure a copy is taken for office records and passport signed out). Weatherbys will forward to the relevant jurisdiction.
  • Upon return of passport, or a sticker, update all internal systems, including: Easy Entry, HOMS, website, naming spreadsheets, stalls sheet, gallops, pedigree folder, GBB & Sales race sheet, vaccination upload sheet, 2yo groups sheet, Early closing races sheet.
  • Make 4 x magnets in relevant colour with box number, a sticker for the box drawer and for passport folder, and an extra magnet for office gallops board if required. The yard manager will print a doorcard.
  • Email around name change to everybody and confirm completion with the owner.
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