Partnership Enquiries & Sign-Up

  • Take down name and contact details including email address and phone number.
  • Offer to add them to Kingsley Klarion mailing list and if appropriate, send out a Partnership welcome pack.
  • Add their details onto Partnership Enquiries page in R-Drive > Partnerships. Include them in all future correspondence on shares available, invites to Partnership day etc.
  • If deciding to join, forward bank details for payment, which can be acquired from Elaine. Email or post a partnership Contact form and a VAT2 Form.
  • Add their details onto HOMS, Outlook, Racing Admin (if syndicate already created), Text Anywhere and Christmas Card list. Also keep a running record of people signed up each season and email around to management periodically.
  • KP metal badges to be ordered each year ‘en masse’, any late joiners to order one. Entitled to two badges per shareholder. Ask for name for second badge and add partnership number. We currently use W O Lewis Badges Ltd (Birmingham B19 3HP).
  • For 2yo Partnerships, a naming vote for each horse shall take place. E-mail to ask for name suggestions for un-named 2yos within the partnership. Check with MJ/CJ, these are then put forward to the partners to vote on, giving their top 3 choices in order of preference – 3 points to first choice and so on. Check winning names with MJ/CJ before registering.
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