• Use Royal Mail franking machine situated on Hayley’s desk.
  • If sending a parcel, assess whether it may be more economical to send via Parcel2Go courier service (ask Cathy or member of Admin team for log-in details). You will need to measure the parcel’s dimensions and weight.
  • If sending via Royal Mail, assess size of item, whether a small or large letter, or parcel, and select the appropriate function on the machine. Measure dimensions if required. Assess whether can be sent as First or Second class post. Insert item or an over-sticker for franking.
  • Ensure item is sealed and packaged carefully.
  • Machine ink and account credit will periodically require replacing/topping up (ask Elaine or Admin team for assistance).
  • Incoming post to be sorted and distributed accordingly, ask for staff mail to be delivered to Canteen.
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