Attending Racedays & Reports

  • If partnership owners are attending a raceday, and no member of management is in attendance, it may be requested for one of the Racing Admin team to attend.
  • Should aim to arrive an hour before the race, or our first runner on the day if attendance is required, check with CJ. Johnston Racing clothing to be worn where possible.
  • Presence is required in the paddock in good time for the race. Be polite & courteous and know in advance who is expected to attend and any info on their horses they may wish to discuss.
  • Presence is also required immediately following the race, in winners enclosure or appropriate saddling area. Liaise with jockey, travelling manager and partners and make note of jockey’s comments or suggestions.
  • Send a race report via email to the partnership, call CJ if required for any additional comments. Detail finishing position, distance beaten/won by, race review, any suggestions for next time and summarise.
  • If not at the races, a race report is always still required for each partnership runner. To be decided amongst office team who will complete the report and liaise with travelling manager, who will phone after the race with jockeys comments and other relevant details.
  • After the event, claim any expenses for going racing via Michael Flory, travelling expenses form available on R-Drive.
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