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This is your chance to join in the fabulous success of the Kingsley Park partnerships to date, and to enjoy all the benefits of being an owner at a fraction of the cost of sole ownership. In the past few years the partnerships have enjoyed high profile successes: Triple Group 3 winner Rose of Kildare is an exciting prospect for this year, Dark Vision won the Group 2 Vintage Stakes at Goodwood before being sold to Godolphin; Victory Command offered the partners a chance to go racing in Dubai; and Poet’s Society’s memorable win at York was the victory which sealed Mark’s record as Britain’s winning most trainer of all time.

We are delighted to confirm the launch of four new Kingsley Park partnerships, designed, as ever, to afford our supporters the chance to become involved in all the thrills of owning and racing racehorses at a fraction of the cost of sole ownership. 

The Kingsley Park partnerships have a track record both of achieving success on the racecourse for our partners and in offering those who invest in shares excellent value for money. And, crucially, partners of the Kingsley Park partnerships benefit from the fact that all such partnerships are underwritten by Johnston Racing, and that partners will never be asked to contribute any more than the sum to which they agreed at the outset of the partnership.

KINGSLEY PARK 20  – Full  



Kingsley Park 22 will consist of 20 shares and will purchase three yearlings at the coming sales to race in 2021/22.

Partners may own more than one share but no subdivision of shares is allowable. The partnership will run until the end of October 2022, at which time all remaining horses will be entered into the Horses in Training Sales and sold.

A partnership bank account will be opened, into which all monies will be paid. Accounts will be audited by the Johnston Racing accounts department. Prospective partners can secure a 1/20th share by depositing a single sum of £7,875 into the partnership bank account. Alternatively, partners may pay a deposit of £3,500 and set up a standing order to the partnership account for six monthly payments of £812.50. A second payment of £1,700 (or a standing order for 12 monthly payments of £150/horse), for each horse we take on into a second year, will be due in November 2021. Johnston Racing Ltd will hold a 1/20th share at no cost but will waive our usual 5% commission on sale.

All racing and training expenses will be drawn from the partnership account

All returns from prize-money, any other income and sales proceeds will be deposited into the partnership account. Johnston Racing Ltd. will charge its standard inclusive daily rate for training and will apply its standard terms and conditions. The partnership will be underwritten by Johnston Racing Ltd. i.e. no further payments will be required beyond those detailed above and Johnston Racing Ltd will continue to train the retained horses until the end of the partnership in October 2022.

Short monthly progress reports will be provided on the horses, e-mail reports after each race, and regular photographic updates from the gallops. We will also ensure that all partners receive a regular financial statement and will endeavour to provide answers to any queries. Johnston Racing Ltd will also send text messages (at no cost to the partnership) to all partners so that you are informed of all entries, declarations etc. In addition to this all partners will be informed of entries and declarations to run by e-mail. Johnston Racing Ltd’s standard terms and conditions will apply unless otherwise stated in these rules.

A meeting of partners will be held in the first quarter of the partnership and then in the first quarter of 2022. The meeting will take place at Kingsley Park, Middleham, North Yorkshire DL8 4QZ. It is an opportunity for partners to meet Mark and he will offer an overall guideline for the season ahead.

When the partnership is dissolved all moneys will be pooled in the partnership account and the balance will be distributed between partners.

All partners will receive Johnston Racing Ltd’s monthly newsletter by post. Partners are all welcome to visit the horses by prior arrangement. Each partner will be guaranteed a minimum of one racecourse badge per runner provided they have notified Johnston Racing Ltd of their intention to attend by the end of the day prior to racing.

The horses will race in Royal Blue, Green Epaulets, Royal Blue Sleeves, and a Royal Blue Cap.

One name per animal will be put forward by each partner. A vote will take place and the most popular name will be selected for the animal, if available.

As owners with Johnston Racing, all partners will automatically be entitled to membership of the Kingsley Park Owners Group. This group will race a number of leased horses in the Blue and Green colours of Kingsley Park. Members will have no financial interest in the horses (no costs – no prize money) but will be able to attend the races if they wish. Badges will be allocated by ballot if necessary. Members may, if they wish, receive information on all entries and declarations for club horses via text message.

For full details of Kingsley Park 22, please contact us :


Kingsley Park  – Ready To Run will run two horses. Details to follow.


We also have horses in training for other partnerships and syndicates (click on the name to visit their shares options):

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