4th July – 2021

There is too much racing.

Yesterday there were 35 races scheduled in the UK with a further 15 from Ireland shown on RTV. British races were scheduled to commence as little as five minutes after the previous race and, in reality, when it comes to looking at the actual ‘off’ time, this was cut to as little as two minutes. If you throw in the Irish cards, the minimum interval between two starts drops to one minute.

This can’t be a good move for anyone involved. Some might argue that it provides more opportunities for trainers like me to have runners and more opportunities for jockeys to ride but there are only so many horses to go round and the pool of horses and owners willing to pay for them to be trained and race is diminishing. The result will be a continued decline in quality as racecourses struggle to meet bookmaker demand for field sizes and owners leave the sport or take their horses abroad in search of better returns.

Look no further than BAGS greyhound racing to see where this policy can lead.

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