3rd November 2014

Today we had the clearest indication yet that winter is coming and flat racing on turf is drawing to a close for the year: I was back on my bike for the first time since July. Just 21, very slow (11mph), undulating, on road, miles. A far cry from the Tour de France stage that I did back in summer and, on today’s performance, I wonder how I ever managed that.

Unfortunately, cycling isn’t anything like as much fun in winter but it is certainly easier for me to find time. If the past is anything to go by, I will now get out occasionally through until about March and then I will have a concerted effort to get a bit fitter for one or two longer trips in spring and early summer. Then, come August and the looming yearling sales, my cycling will grind to a halt and any pounds I might have shed will rapidly go back on. It can’t be the right way to do it.

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