3rd August 2016

Letters and e mails of support for my views, as expressed on The Morning Line, continue to pour in. I realise that those sent to me may not be an entirely representative sample but it is gratifying nonetheless and clearly shows that I am not expressing such a minority view after all.

One e mail which arrived this morning was particularly interesting. It came from an Alexander Frew and he was prompted to write to me after reading my latest Bletherings.
Mr. Frew had already written to Channel 4 to complain about Graham Cunningham’s part in the show and Channel 4 had replied to him. Kelsey Quinn of Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries replied and said, “May we assure that Mark Johnston accepted the invitation to join The Morning Line and was fully aware of the panel and intended questions.”

Well, I can assure Kelsey Quinn and you that I had no knowledge of who would be on the panel until I arrived on set fifteen minutes after the show had started and saw them for myself. At no time was I given any prior notice of the questions that would be asked.

I have no complaint about that but I do think that, if they had plans to ask specific questions, sharing them with me in advance would have allowed an opportunity to make considered replies and make much better use of the limited time available.

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