25th June 2015

Another two individual two-year-old winners yesterday taking our tally of two-year-old wins for 2015 to 31 and our number of individual two-year-old winners to 25. It is really great and I am thoroughly enjoying this change of emphasis in the yard but I am not giving you these figures in order to boast about my achievements. If, however, like me, you enjoy looking at the trainers and jockeys statistics, you will probably, like me, be very confused by what you read in the Racing Post.

It is no fault of the ultra-reliable Racing Post. I have little doubt that their figures, both in the paper and on the website, are accurate (it is rare, but not unheard of, for them to make mistakes). But the paper doesn’t give us figures for two-year-olds of 2015 (the season having started on 9th November) and the website, where you can find the figures for the number of wins by looking into data on individual trainers, does not give us any details on the number of individual two-year-old runners. I was able to ascertain, by looking at all the horses I have run this year, that we have run 50 individual two-year-olds in 2015, that 25 of them have won, and that they have won a total of 31 races. So, as far as my yard is concerned, you must deduct two wins, two individual winners, and ten individual runners from the figures given in the Racing Post newspaper. I have no idea what the situation is for other trainers and so it is difficult to gain a proper perspective on what we have achieved, so far, this year.

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