17th August 2016

The Dikler, whoever he she or it is, is just like some other Racing Post scribes in liking to write about, but not listen to, what I have said. Did I deny that bands and music bring large numbers of people into racecourses? Of course I didn’t. Jess Glynne would probably fill Glasgow Green, never mind Newmarket and Market Rasen racecourses.

What I said was that the vast majority of those that go to racecourses to listen to music have no interest whatsoever in the racing and will not be introduced to racing by their visit to Newmarket or Market Rasen to listen to Jess Glynne. And I’ll add now that they are spoiling the racecourse experience for many of those that do go to racecourses to watch horseracing.
If courses are going to have these artists playing alongside racing then every effort should be made to engage the crowd in racing. Jess Glynne should not get the gig unless she is willing to participate in the day’s racing – presenting prizes, judging best turned out, doing interviews, etc. – and, if she won’t do it, find someone else or put the concert on when there is no racing.

The Dikler, apparently, is heading to Newmarket to see Little Mix. Well, he better remember to take his press badge as, last Friday, staff bringing horses for the last race, some with a horse in one hand, were denied access because they didn’t have their stable passes with them. The lady on the gate feared that they were trying to sneak in to see Jess Glynne without paying.

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