14th March 2019

Apart from tomorrow, when I attend Hamish Alexander’s Gold Cup day at the Wensleydale Heifer in aid of the Injured Jockey’s Fund, I won’t have watched much of Cheltenham. I did, however, feel compelled to watch a rerun of the National Hunt Chase after I heard what Tony McCoy had to say on the subject of the jockeys – especially the jockey who rode the third – being banned. And I have just gone back and watched it again after hearing Ted Walsh join the debate.

I am totally with A.P. McCoy and Ted Walsh on this one. The BHA are dragging the sport of horseracing down the road to destruction. If the rules of racing are to be driven by the opinions of a large majority of the public who have no knowledge of, or interest in, horses or horseracing, then it is the beginning of the end for British racing.

As I have said many times recently, I do not hold with the principle that public perception of horse welfare is more important than horse welfare itself and I firmly believe that we need a BHA run by people who are willing and able to stand up to the ignorant majority and the, vote-hungry, politicians who put staying in power ahead of all else.

See Bletherings of 12th January below.



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