13th July 2021

I’ve always argued that handicapping is not a science, it isn’t even arithmetic. It is, I would say, simply an opinion expressed as a figure. But, for those of you that do think it is a science and that it obeys the laws of mathematics, or even some of them, explain this to me.

Sir Ron Priestly (Rated 112) meets Pyledriver (Rated 119) at level weights and beats him two and a quarter lengths. After the race, both horses are rated 117.

Pyledriver (now 117) then meets Al Aasy (Rated 119) at level weights and beats him a neck. After the race Pyledriver is raised to 121 and Al Aasy is raised to 120.

Sir Ron Priestly (granted – since having run two disappointing races and having been dropped to 116) then meets Al Aasy (120), giving him 3lbs, and beats him a neck (the same distance that Pyledriver beat him but carrying 3lbs more). After the race Al Aasy is still rated 120 and and Sir Ron Priestly is now rated 118.


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