10th June 2020

Now that racing (but not as we know it) has recommenced I am bracing myself for the abusive text messages, e mails and, occasionally, phone calls. I used to think that I was one of the only ones receiving these but I now know that it goes with the job and most, if not all, trainers and jockeys are subjected to this.

On the other hand, I also get plenty of pleasant messages and there are more posts on social media praising our efforts than there are criticising us. Unfortunately, many of those who text or write to tell me what a  wonderful trainer I am spoil it by playing their hand and adding the request for ‘a horse to follow’ but one such text message this week made me smile. It read:

“Hi Mark, Just wanted to say wow what a start after horrible virus hope all your stable and staff ok everyone says you won’t reply but will try as love ya. Any horse to look out for over next few day your in amazing form? No’ worry’s if your understandably very busy but worth a try please stay safe and good luck 🙂 Louise x”

I then noticed that I had received a previous message, last July, from the same number. It read:

“Hi Mark, My 21st birthday today I clean out horses stables for a living. Your derby entry runs today at Epsom going for my biggest bet £20 nothing to you but awful lot to me is horse worth thumbs up no worry’s if your busy understand you are top guy and trainer. Take care. Amy x”

She/he must think I came up the Clyde on a water biscuit.


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