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1st September 2022

I am in Baden Baden, Germany, for the BBAG yearling sale and I have just returned from their eve-of-sale barbeque/party. Unlike any other sale company, they throw a little party for all vendors and their staff, buyers, and anyone else connected with the sale. The drink flows, the food is great and guess who was there, Elvis. He is alive, well, living near Baden Baden and he speaks remakeably good german inbetween banging out all his hits and familiar tunes. It was the second time I have seen Elvis perform at this sale and he didn’t disappoint. It was a great evening.

I flew here yesterday direct from Newmarket where we sold two horses at the August horses-in-training sale. Soapy Stevens was sold for 125,000 guineas and will go to Bahrain. It was a great result for his owner-breeder, Jim Duggan, but a sad day for us and for British racing. Another highly-rated horse gone from the UK. I wonder how many horses rated over 90 have left our shores from that sale alone.

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