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6th December 2021

It was drawn to my attention over the weekend that, in our latest Kingsley Klarion, which was published at the beginning of the month, it describes Subjectivist as ‘sadly now retired through injury’. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint the owners of other great stayers but that isn’t necessarily the case. Subjectivist is still here at Kingsley Park and there are no immediate plans for retirement.

It is well publicised that an injury came to light soon after he won this year’s Ascot Gold Cup and there is no doubt that that injury is career threatening but, in the absence of a suitable job at stud, we will make an attempt to bring him back for the Royal meeting next year. As the clock ticks by towards the 2022 covering season it looks likely that he will still be here in the New Year and returning to training.

His three-parts brother, Sir Ron Priestley, on the other hand, will definitely be retired. He is also currently still with us but it is hoped that he will shortly be departing for France where he will take up stud duties.

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