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30th November 2017

Bruce Millington, editor of the Racing Post, doesn’t agree with  my opinions on any aspects of racing and he tells us today on page 100 of his publication that my viewpoint has ‘an uncanny knack of being the complete opposite’ of his. Should I be worried?

On top of that, there was someone, reported to work for Timeform, who went on Twitter after my appearance on Luck On Sunday last week and told the world (or that section of the world that follows him on Twitter) that he ‘found himself disagreeing with virtually every word’. And, of course, there was Graham Cunningham. Remember Graham Cunningham? I’m pretty sure he disagreed with everything I said about terrestrial TV coverage of racing.

But, back to Bruce Millington. The Englishman – I guess he’s an Englishman and he, very kindly, pointed out that I’m a Scot – recalls a conversation he had with me in Deauville. I don’t remember it at all and I can only take his word for the fact that I apparently ‘cited tennis as an example of a sport that did not need to be viewed through the prism of punting as much as racing is’. That, of course, is true but I think we can all be pretty certain that, if Bruce Millington and I were ‘jousting’ (his word, not mine) on the subject of sports coverage and betting, that I would first have cited football as the sport which is apparently one of the fastest growing sports betting mediums yet the extensive television coverage, at least, never mentions betting at all. Clearly, his memory isn’t any better than mine or is very selective.

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