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5th June 2016

I just watched the second episode of the new Top Gear. I was away last Sunday and so was unable to watch the first episode live. I did have it recorded but have to admit that I fell asleep half way through watching it. This week’s was a lot better but still a major disappointment.

For me, it is not that the new team are not every bit as good as the last. I think they are and the change is refreshing. Clarkson’s political incorrectness was a breath of fresh air in the early days and helped make it a ‘not to be missed’ programme for me but the format was very tired and latter episodes were, frankly, boring.

I was hoping that the new Top Gear would arrive with a completely new format but sadly not. It is pretty much the same as the old programme and that is very disappointing.
Let’s hope that ITV don’t make the same mistake when they take over the coverage of racing from Channel 4. I am assuming that there will be a magazine programme to replace The Morning Line and I am dearly hoping that they take the opportunity to come up with a new format that might bring a whole new audience to racing. Channel 4’s various reincarnations of The Morning Line have done little or nothing to make the programme appeal to anyone other than punters and, personally, I think it should be possible to produce a programme that appeals to all the family. Here’s hoping.

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